What activities are scored in the ranking?

The assessment covers:

  • registration with Stripe - the hotel must link the hotel account to the Stripe account
  • sending the reservation by the client - the hotel must have a professional offer so that as many people as possible want to use it
  • acceptance of the booking by the hotel as soon as possible - the owners want to receive a response as soon as possible
  • cancellation of the booking by the hotel - if you cannot accept your pet, cancel the booking, do not leave your client in the dark
  • payment via animalhotels.com - make sure that your client makes payment via animalhotels.com, it is a safe option, and you will receive your money straight to your account
  • positive ending of the booking - take your pet in and take care of its needs
  • customer rating with a minimum rating of 3 - remind your customer to leave a review with a rating, take care of the best level of care, this way you will get a higher rating
  • issuing a response to the customer's opinion - thank you in response or write a short response to your customer's opinion