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Find proven care for your pet
exists to make it easy for you to find the perfect sitter for your pet when you need it.
We understand
that entrusting a pet to someone else's care is a challenge in many ways.
That's why
we create and improve a tool that will make it easier for you to establish relationships with people who are trustworthy in animal care.
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More than
450 dogs
More than
200 cats
Woman and dog
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Stella story header
Learn the story of Mr. Arkadiusz, the owner of the bulldog Stella, who was taken care of by Natalia from Gdańsk
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How it works?
Use the search engine and find a sitter in your area for one or more animals in a timely manner.
Submit a booking request and wait for a response from the guardian who will verify whether he can take care of your pet.
Talk and get to know the tutor via our chat or phone. If necessary, make an appointment for a familiarization visit. Make sure that your pet feels good in the company of the guardian.
Confirm the reservation by making a payment via the application (card, blik, quick transfer). The carer will be paid after the last day of care.

Are the petsitters verified?

We believe in actions

We designed the ANIMALHOTELS RANKING which summarizes the total experience of a keeper in terms of animal care and activity in the app.

The best tutors appear first in the list of search results.

Each carer also gains ratings and opinions after the end of care.

Will I find petsitters or hotels in my town?

Throughout Poland you will find over
petsitters or hotels

Use the search engine and find out petsitters in your area

Find the petsitter or hotel
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Will i find a sitter for my pet?

In the search engine you will find petsitters who will be happy to take care of:
Małymi psami
Up to 10 kg
Średnimi psami
From 10 to 25 kg
Dużymi psami
More than 25 kg
Small mammals
Reptiles and amphibians
You can also search for petsitters who will take care of more than one pet.
Didn't find an answer to your question?
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