For the last few weeks we have been trying to answer the question: how to make animalhotels.com users found the most trustworthy petsitters or animal hotels for their pets 🤔. The ones you can be sure of that your beloved dog 🐶 or cat 😸 is safe.

When you tell us that it was in this application that you found a guardian who:

was in constant contact with you

he sent photos from walks with his pet

assured you that you can work or rest with peace of mind

we feel that we must try our best to make the tool we provide easier for you to find a man you trust.

At the same time, we feel that we should care for and support those carers who put their heart and soul into their lives they treat their clients as if they were members of their own family. This must be noticed 💎!

Our solution

petsitters gain points for all positive actions in the application (also for positive opinions - but not only 🙂)

to make it easier to browse the list of results we have added levels to animalhotels.com - you will recognize them by the diamond icon. The more the diamond is filled, the more experience the keeper has gained at animalhotels.com

in the search results the best tutors will always be at the top of the list

every fourth result you will see the NEW maintainers. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to fully prove themselves, but there may be great carers among them

And for the best petsitters

We anticipate 🎁 additional prizes to thank them for their efforts in taking care of your pets.

We will promote great petsitters or animal hotels on the home page and other premium places in the application.

Already in December we are preparing the first ranking contest - stay tuned 🤩

Join as Petsitter or Hotel

What do petsitters earn points for?

1000 pt

for full activation of the petsitter's or hotel's account at animalhotels.com and with the payment operator Stripe,

because we are happy when petsitters or hotels want to cooperate with us

100 pt

for the received reservation,

because we appreciate offers that have the information Clients need

From 200 to 1500 pt

the sooner they respond or cancel the booking,

because it is important for clients whether they should continue to look for a petsitter or have just found one

1050 pt

for a 7-day reservation (the number of points depends on the number of days of the reservation) - for payment at animalhotels.com,

because thanks to the fact that you make payments at animalhotels.com, this application can exist

2100 pt

for a successful completion of a 7-day booking (number of points depends on the number of booking days),

because the most important thing for us is that on all days of care, the pet was surrounded by care appropriate for the owner

From 1000 to 3000 pt

for evaluating the booking from 3 to 5 stars, respectively,

because a good opinion directly speaks of the satisfaction of the owner

500 pt

for the petsitter's or hotel's response to the opinion issued,

because it is important that the guardian also expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the owner

Petsitter's / hotel's levels

Petsitters or hotels can level up (Levele) at animalhotels.com and thus stand out on the list of offers.

The higher the petsitter's Level, the more experience in caring through the animalhotels.com application he gained.

Diamond does not determine the total experience in caring for animals, therefore it is also worth reading the description and offer of the guardian and asking additional questions in the chat when booking.

since the offer was published - offers appear every fourth result in the list
From 10000 pt
From 20000 pt
From 50000 pt
From 80000 pt
From 100000 pt
- level for the best 🤩

What do you think?

As the animalhotels.com team, we are open to feedback from users. The easiest way is to send us an e-mail: info@animalhotels.com or write via social media: (FB, Instagram).

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